The Beautiful Natural Attractions of the Caribbean

The Beautiful Natural Attractions of the Caribbean

Many Caribbean natural attractions attract thousands of people to that collection of tropical islands every year. Coupled with these Caribbean natural attractions are the modern resorts, historical ruins, and a great shopping experience that makes it the ideal vacation destination. Given below a shortlist of Caribbean natural attractions that you must not miss during your visit.

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Comparable to the Stonehenge in England, these huge boulders of granite are available for public visits. They are located along with the shore and makeup caves, caverns, and tidal pools. When you visit the Baths you may swim, dive, or snorkel. The Baths are not something to be seen from the land alone so make sure you carry your diving equipment.

Drive-In Volcano, St. Lucia

Here is one of the most unique Caribbean natural attractions. Located on the volcanic island of St. Lucia, this is the closest you will get to see a volcano. On your visit, you may drive your car to the semi-active volcano and from there you can take a guided tour that will take you on a very close volcanic experience full of sulfurous air and a five-acre wide hissing crater.

Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

This is one the largest limestone caves and forms a part of Caribbean natural attractions. You will have to take an electric tram that travels through the cave where you will see stalagmites and stalactites. You will also see a 40-foot waterfall and many underground pools that are filled with crystal-clear water.

Stingray City, Cayman Islands

To the north side of Grand Cayman Island, you can enjoy the pleasure of swimming alongside tamed stingrays. This is done by diving into the crystal-clear waters at Stingray City. You could even go snorkeling in the shallower sandbar of Stingray City.

St. John National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands

More than 60% of this island has been declared a national park and consequently, this is the most unspoiled of all Caribbean natural attractions. You can choose to follow the trails in the park or go on a guided tour with the park ranger. This is also one of the popular hiking regions in the Caribbean.

Bio Bay, Vieques

This is also known as Mosquito Bay. Bio Bay is quite narrow, shallow, and surrounded by mangroves. When the calm waters around the bay are disturbed, the microscopic organisms in the bay emit a blue-green light that is more powerful than most conventional flashlights found in kitchens. Common activities here include swimming, kayaking, cruising, or riding electric boats.

Buck Island Reef, St.Croix

Buck Island has a land area of 176 acres surrounded by a marvelous coral reef that is home to multicolored fish. Either you can dive into the water to see them up close or you may ride a glass-bottomed boat to see them from far away.

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