Best Restaurants And Street Food Snacks In Goa

Best Restaurants And Street Food Snacks In Goa


Goa is one of the best beach destinations in India. The place has been centre of attraction across the country by all age groups. if you willing to go to goa then pre book you transport and hotels. Best way to to goa from Delhi is by flight. The air fare is to a great extent defined by time so as early you buy ticket you found it in cheaper price. While now you are planning a trip to Goa you can’t return back without tasting the mouth-watering street food snacks of Goa. While there are so many great hotels and restaurants. From local delights to traditional Indian snacks and even international cuisine, you will find it all at carts and small eateries in Goa.

Best Street Food in Goa

    1. Goan Sweets

 Well known Goan sweets are Boll, Bebinca, Dodol, Dosh, Perad and Baath Cake.  All these unique sweets have different forms of coconut in common but are otherwise very different in their ingredients, preparation and taste. Dodol is soft, pudding-like dessert made using flour.  Dosh is similar to coconut barfi, soft and tasty. Bebinca is a seven layered cake, traditionally baked in a stone oven, made using flour, egg yolks and coconut milk during Christmas.

    2. Ras Omelette

 Ras Omelette is a regular omelette served with some chicken curry which is full of spices. It is traditionally sold by food carts lined across the various towns of Goa.


This is the traditional food for Goans served with steamed white rice.  The tangy and spicy dish can be cooked with a variety of fish. Due to chilies and turmeric it is yellow and reddish in color.


Pork Sorpotel is one of the most popular street foods in Goa, especially during the winter and Christmas season. Pork Sorpotel looks spicy and fried in vinegar. Sorpotel usually tastes better on the 2nd and 3rd day, after it is prepared, once it has had time to mature.

Now knowing about the best street foods of goa you should know about the best restaurants to visit in the city.


The Verandah is located at Panjim Inn hotel with vintage and old charm setting. The place is famous for its seafood and continental delights. Even the Goan Portuguese desserts also add the reason to visit this place.


As the name suggests the place provides you with food like grandma made, so you should visit this place for home taste. It is located in Panjim with an outdoor seating and has a welcoming vibe. Asian, European and American are the amazing cuisines that are available here. They also serve a host of fresh cocktails that use a unique and innovative mix of flavors.

    3. Maracas

Maracas is located in Porvorim. The place is lovely with the black and white interiors with outside sitting too. It specializes in Tapas-style or small plate cuisine from around the world that make this a great place to visit with friends or on a first date. It is also famous for its international cuisine.

    4. Bhatti Village

The place is located in Nerul, run by a local couple. The feature that makes it distinct from any other restaurant in Goa is that there is no fix menu, instead it depends on the fresh catches of the day as well demand of the guests. Thus it is a truly exciting experience for the tourists and makes it a must visit.

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