Two Most Well-known Islands in Batam for Healing and Having Fun

Two Most Well-known Islands in Batam for Healing and Having Fun

What is the most interesting thing about Batam? The answers are many. Almost all things to do in Batam are attractive to tourists. Yes, Batam has a wealth of amazing tourism. This is because Batam’s location is at the end of the border between Indonesia and Singapore, also it consists of various islands.

Batam itself has high and lowlands where both are favorite tourist spots. The highlands consist of hills and mountains. Both offer an exotic view of Batam. The lowlands consist of urban areas such as the best hotel in Batam and also the beach.

The Most Well-known Batam Tours

So, the Batam tour consists of many tourist spots both in the highlands and lowlands. Here are some of my most favorite spots for both healing and having fun.

Ranoh Island

As previously mentioned, Batam has many islands of various sizes. One of the islands that became famous because of its natural beauty is Ranoh Island. This island offers an exotic view with instagrammable panorama. You could say, this island is still untouched.

The clean white sand with crystal clear beach makes anyone who is here doesn’t want to go home. On this island, tourists can feel peace, calm with stunning views and a typical beach breeze.

There are also water rides on the beach here like the famous Sea Forest Adventure in Batam, so it is very suitable both for adults and children. Made of floatable rubber makes the rides here like a playground on the beach.

Mubut Island

The next island is called Mubut Island. This island consists of two parts, Mubut Darat Island which is uninhabited while Mubut Laut Island is inhabited. Although uninhabited, Mubut Darat Island has a manager. Tourists can ask the manager’s permission to travel here.

Mubut Island is exotic with beautiful and stunning beaches. Tourists can enjoy the beach atmosphere and of course the view of the charming golden sunrise and sunset every day. In addition, visitors can camp here. In fact, camping is one of the main attractions.

Tourists can stay overnight by camping with friends. There are many exciting activities that can be done while camping here. This is why Mubut Island can be a tourist destination for healing and fun. Water activities such as swimming and snorkeling are also fun.

In addition to the 2 islands above, there are still many beautiful islands in Batam that can be explored. There is Abang Island which is small but charming, Tanjuk Island, Petong Island and many more. Schedule with friends or family for healing on the beautiful islands in Batam right now.

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