Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

So, through the efforts of Mr. Smith and Mr. Atkins, the Andrew Carnegie Naturalists’ Club was founded. I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Carnegie and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a venue. Carnegie Museum of Natural History collects and cares for specimens and artifacts that document the history of life on Earth.

Museum As Learning Resource

The label attached to this collection was also written by him, and is one of the most full and comprehensive in the museum. As soon as the museum was fairly started the Curator was delighted by the visits of numerous small boys and girls to get help in naming and preserving their little private collections. This gave the Curator a new plan to bring the museum still nearer to the people and extend its usefulness.

Stances of the interest the young people here have long felt in natural history are constantly coming up. When this generation of boys has grown to manhood a very different feeling will pervade Pittsburgh in regard to natural history. He intends to carry out this plan in the natural history exhibits, and have many of the specimens so mounted that at a glance any one will understand something of their mode of life.

It at first consisted of ten charter members and now numbers over forty. Also, all the bartenders they used were amazing and interacted with all our guests.

Carnegie Museum of Art Store

With both museums being connected, you can spend as much or as little time in the art galleries as your child’s attention span allows. One of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, it is nationally and internationally recognized for its distinguished collection of American and European works from the 16th century to the present.

No one can deny that the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer is the most beautiful wedding reception venue in the city of Pittsburgh, but just as impressive is the special events and catering staff. As for Mr. Mellor, if Pittsburgh ever has had a “patron of the arts and sciences,” it has one in him.

Carnegie Museum of Art

I ended up going twice – once to see the natural history side and once to see the art side and I spent two hours each time. I booked tickets ahead and went on a weekday and it was pretty empty. Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History offers more than 10 unique spaces for your next special event.

Events & Programs

When you have your wedding here, the event space speaks for itself. While she was not able to be there for our actual wedding, we were in great hands with Lydia and Chris. Our cake was delicious and we were told it was the best wedding cake people had ever had.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Ave., part of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is known for its exhibits about earth sciences, life sciences and anthropology. Powdermill Nature Reserve, the environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, has been dedicated to its mission of research, education, and conservation for more than 50 years. Visit Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Museum of Natural History websites for more information and to plan your visit. Other brides have mentioned it in their reviews, but there really is nothing like having your first dance on the Music Hall Foyer floor while your guests are on the balcony. Hall of Sculpture – modeled upon the Parthenon’s inner sanctuary, and originally created to house the museum’s 69 plaster casts of Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman sculpture. We could not have imagined a more beautiful day and I would highly recommend the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer to any bride.

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